10 Golden Rules for Success as a Tutor in this Competitive World

10 Golden Rules for Success as a Tutor in this Competitive World

Becoming a teacher is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers in the world. However tutoring students is a challenging task as well. An excellent teacher is someone who not only imparts good knowledge but check that his or her students become experts in the subject and also gain thorough knowledge of diverse concepts related to the subject.


Just like any other profession, competition is equally high in the teaching profession. In fact, your success in this profession depends on your approach, attitude and few other qualities. Here are a few rules or tips that you must follow to become an excellent tutor and can gain an edge over your competitors.

Know Your Role Very Well

As a teacher it is your primary duty to help your students get good marks in the subject you teach. However you need to check that study skills of your pupils get improved with each passing day and they also become excellent visionaries who can conceive thoughts quite well. This calls for your friendly approach with all your students so that that they can feel free to ask questions and clear their doubts without any difficulty. Understand your role as a teacher properly and become a friend and guide to your students.

Develop Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude towards life is indeed the biggest asset in your life. You may have to face challenging situations while teaching the students and you should know how to deal with these situations. Your positive attitude may help you to cope up with these circumstances in best possible way. For instance, you may find that in the first day of your school you have to teach second chapter from the assigned history textbook. You may be in soup since you have prepared for the first chapter. It is not an ideal situation but as a proficient tutor you must have the right attitude to manage the things on your first day only and that too without creating a negative impression on your students.

Keep High Expectations for your Students

A successful teacher should always keep high expectations from their pupils. If you have least expectations from your students, you will also receive less efforts from their ends. Make sure that you motivate your students by saying that you know that they can live up to your expectation and improve their scores easily. However you must not keep unrealistic expectations for the students. It is vital to remember that your expectations and your efforts to motivate your students play important role in allowing the students learn as well as achieve good marks on examination.

Tailor your instructions

One of the biggest qualities of teacher is his or her ability to make learning session interesting as well as relevant for the students. Try to find what actually interests your students and then incorporate them in your lecture to make it lecture more exciting. For example if most of your students love video games and are weak in English, then you must find out a wonderful way to connect heroes of their favorite games to those of the main characters of their English text books. Such technique automatically draws attention of your pupils. Another option is to prepare a test module and ask your students to write about their experience in playing a video game. It is indeed a fun activity for them. On your part, you can check the write ups to assess their English skills. You can check the spellings, sentence construction, and grammar and give a true feedback to the students so that they rectify their mistakes. In this way you and your students can be benefited.

Lead by Your Own Example

Let all your students know that you were also a student once upon a time. You can even share how at times you also have struggled to cope up with the studies and so on. Even from your teaching experience you can share appropriate examples and boost up the morale of your students like never before. If you know about a particular problem during a lecture session, you must take the lead to solve it and show how to overcome it as quickly as possible. For example, you may say that you also do not know the exact word either and in such situation you always rely on dictionary. You goal is to make your students feel at ease and do not pressurize them unnecessarily. In this way you can stand apart from other teachers and gain popularity in student fraternity.

Know How to Say No

Confidence is one of the main criteria to succeed in your profession as a teacher. Having confidence also means your courage to admit that you do not know a particular answer. You are not a superman and it may not be possible for you to answer all the queries asked by your students. Do not beat the bush. Be direct and prompt and say confidently that you will consult books and tell the answer later. It does not hamper your reputation. Rather it will show your honesty as a teacher and can easily gain trust of your students.

Reward your students from time to time

When you have taught your students for a certain period of time, you are in a position to know their skills set quite well. Some students are talented while others have mediocre abilities. And if got stuck in a situation where you are compelled to deal with pupils of diverse skill sets, then your best option is to develop a proper ambience where all the students can carry on discussion freely. In this way, all the mediocre candidates can develop confidence and also get the scope to learn from their classmates who score better marks in the class. However, you should not forget to praise your students whenever they finish the assignment in a successful way.

Ask the Student to Complete Assignments on their Own

You cannot help a student by completing his or her assignment on your own. In this way they become fully defendant on you and you are also unable to learn their lessons properly. The best option is to ask students to explain all their problems to you, grasp the subject well and then ask questions from time to time. For instance, if any student requires help in proofreading final assignment, then as a responsible teacher you first teach the nitty-gritties of proofreading and also guide them to apply proofreading strategies while reviewing the assignments.

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