List Of 10 Career Options After 12th Science

Sep 05, 2022

Pat yourself on the back! You have done a good job & congratulations! The good news is that with science you havemany different & varied kinds of options to choose from. You can choose courses from the science stream as well as the non-science stream. This is also where it gets a bit confusing. Your friends and family might be telling you one thing & you might be thinking the other thing, after all this can be quite a hard decision. With 12,000 options to choose from it is not easy to ensure that you make the right decision. Your mind might seem very cluttered & though we recommend that you get yourself career guidance after 12th. Here are a few options you can look at to start the search.

Science Career Options You Must Consider 

1. Engineering 

Engineering is one of the most sought-after science career options and for many good reasons. Engineering is the scientific study of building & designing machines & structures. It also has a very wide scope & many subfields that you can choose from. This vocation also ensures a well-paid job & opens the door to many opportunities.

2. Medicine 

After engineering the second most sought-after science career options is medicine. Many students & parents prefer to choose either engineering or medicine as a vocation for themselves/ their kids. It is also one of the oldest & respected professions in the world. There is also a lot that you can do in medicine - like pharmacy, nurse, immunologists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists & more. Most of the jobs in this stream are quite well paid. So if you are someone who has always dreamed of helping people, this is the field for you.

3. Pilot 

One of the most thrilling vocations that you can choose after science is to become a commercial pilot. You can choose to learn how to fly commercial or logistical aeroplanes & also get quite well paid. If you like travelling to new locations & meeting people then you should look into it. Most of the people who study to become pilots love travelling & meeting new people. There are many career options after 12th science & becoming a pilot is the most thrilling.

4. Data Scientist 

An interesting & upcoming vocation you can pick up as a career option after 12th science is to become a data scientist. In very simple words, a data scientist is someone who uses scientific methods to analyze & segregate data which can be further used to the advantage of the goal that a company or firm is working towards. Data scientists work with huge amounts of data and help people make sense of all that data. They are also quite well paid & sought after.

5. Architecture 

Are you interested in structures or how they are built? Then you should look into becoming an architect. Many people see the vocation as a beautiful mix of science & art simultaneously. Many architects also work in planning & building cities and imaging & shaping how the skylines of some a city might look. It is also quite a well-paid vocation & many consider it to be a great career for science students.

6. Veterinarian 

Are you an animal lover & interested in medicine? Why not combine the two and become a vet? Vets are well paid and get to work with animals all the time & is considered to be the best career for science students after 12th. They also learn a lot about medicine and how the body of many different animals function. It is a very rewarding job & you also alleviate the pain & suffering of animals.

7. Psychology 

Psychology can be defined as the study of mental behaviour & the states of a man. If you are someone who is interested in the human brain & how it functions, psychology is your vocation for you. Many things can be done in the stream, like research, academia, therapist & advisor. Psychology is also a very old profession but came into being as we know it today somewhere around the 17th-18th century.

8. Arts 

One of the biggest advantages of taking science is the vast career opportunities after 12th, if you don’t like science you can always pick up arts ater it but not the other way around. If after choosing science as a stream you are still not sure as to what you want to do, maybe look into the arts. With more than 12,000 choices, it can be a difficult choice to make your mind up on. In arts you can become a - professional artist, illustrator, photographer, animator, graphic designer, curator, printmaker, art teacher & more.

9. Sociology 

Sociology is the study of society & human behaviour concerning the society that surrounds it. It can be considered a social science & is a very interesting study. Sociologists study human behaviour & look at how different aspects of their environment and culture affect this behaviour. There are also many things that you can do after studying sociology like working in an NGO, working for the government, academia, research, city planning & more.

10. Business

Interested in business? This is also a viable option after science. You can either try going into a course that focuses purely on business or try blending the two. If you are someone who enjoys leadership positions, economics or looking at the market flux, then you should look into business & business courses. There is so much that can be done & the opportunity is vast.

These are only a few of the options you can choose from & making the right decision is essential. Make sure you choose something that you find interesting & always take the help of a career consultant. Career consultant can help you make better decisions & make your life a lot easier.

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