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I have been hearing a lot about IOT in the past few months. My understanding was that connecting all things (home appliances, car, etc...) to you Mobile phone via a the internet is the only capability of IOT. However, after registering for a free online course at the KING'S COLLEGE LONDON to understand IOT it completely changed my perception & got me thinking of the endless possibilities of IOT to both the Outsourcing industry & to our daily lives.

What is IOT?

According to Wikipedia “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.” This means we had all the things we use today if they have a sensor or way to connect to the internet, these things will become accessible to us from anywhere in the world as long as we are connected to them over the internet.

Some examples that are given in the course are (1) A watch which senses heart beat of an old person staying alone to predict any future occurrences of medical help required in the next 24 hours. (2) Connecting home appliances like your refrigerator which will not only give data on energy consumption but also send an order to your retailer when your milk is getting over. (3) Smart cities using IOT to utilize parking space better, reduce traffic, reduce pollution, etc.

Today there a many small startups that have created IOT products especially in the wearable technology. This industry is expected to become a trillion $ industry by 2020 with at least 2 billion gadgets on IOT.

What does IOT mean for BPS?

At first I thought that IOT is only for the IT industry to develop applications, connect sensors & get them connected. However, based on my knowledge of what we at TCS BPS do for various customers across Domains I think that as the IOT Revolution takes over us at BPS too need to be prepared to equip our customers to ride on the benefits of this revolution. I know that recently we have been moving a few technical support work in BPS which was earlier done by the IT folks. The IOT Revolution will require people to troubleshoot & support appliance sold in the market. The customers will also require qualified professionals at a good price to deliver this service. The Industries who will move in this sector first according to me are Retail, Pharma & probably TTH.

My intention of writing this blog is just to debate & I improve my understanding on this topic. After working in Retail, Manufacturing & Government Domains in BPS this revolutionary technology has got me thinking of what we can do in BPS to be in front of this new revolutionary technology & capture the market. I do hope this becomes our focus soon...

Posted by: Jinali Patel. in Computer , Technology | Date: 04/02/2016

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