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“PTE” Pearson test for English is novice comparatively, in the field of language testing. It has been evolved with the changing needs of testing language skills in English. Barely, five to six years ago (in 2009) this test has been conceptualized to test language skills viz: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

PTE measures same skills like other contemporary tests but more comprehensively. Experts designed the syllabus in the different way altogether. They integrated skills together for example: reading-speaking, listening –speaking, writing –speaking. During the course of changing syllabus the challenge is enormous among aspirants; they need to be dynamic so that they can come out with flying colors in this exam.

Proper understanding of the syllabus is a sine qua non before forayed into this exam .experience tells that some bright students get bogged down just because they are not familiar with the exam. Scoring awareness is also very important. In sum one must we updated with the nitty-gritty of the exam.

As far as section wise analysis is concerned; reading-read aloud, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, etc, writing –essay writing, summarizing written text etc. speaking –image description, essay etc can be tackled if we give microscopic look to it. One difference needed is, not to equate it with other academic exams. The way it framed is different, reading newspaper critically (editorial page) can be an ideal solution to get perfection. For listening and integrated listening section concentration needed with good command on grammar. While reading editorial page of newspaper or any political and social commentary will boost your confidence in reading subsequently one will have more nuanced approach in this exam.

It’s more so a psychological exam where individual needs to inculcate patience, perseverance, self motivation and dedication with regular practice .throughout the exam a positive attitude is needed where you are not to lose hope, as there ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

Self-assessment is definitely a game changer, during the period of preparation either an ideal mentor or tutor can be great redressed but just one thing needs to keep in mind ‘other can motivate you up to certain time but it's you who can inspire you constantly. It is the human tendency to get motivated by others meanwhile, we can do it better than others Self-assessment can be done various ways- after recording your statements, get feedback from others, listening others carefully etc.

In order to get success in pte change the way you are as a speaker, listener, reader and writer. Doing so you would get to know your loopholes and correction needed. Start preparing it comprehensively means after integrating all the skills together as skills can not be enhanced in isolation.

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