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Tools for Career coaching

  1. Self Exercise for future - Nowadays guided meditation is a great tool for students to analyze their future strength or right career. You should write your own script online for guided meditation. It will be the very helpful tool for students to go to the right direction.

  2. Help students to understand their positive and negative points -Another tool for Career coaching is an analysis of Strength, Opportunities, Weakness and Threats which is called SWOT analysis. It is very important to decide the right career for students according to their personal interest and strengths. It also helps them to look for different options as well for their life and careers. Sometimes one can adopt a new career by removing his weakness by adopting new career. By this way, students can think out of the box for their career growth in their lives.

  3. Past Exercises are done by Self - Everyone can think about their future field by just checking their likings in their childhood. They have to just think that what they wanted to become when they were children.

  4. Valuable Work – It is very important factor to do some research work about your values before joining any field. One should do some deeper study about his value and culture to join his favorite field of jobs. If they can find out about their real values then they can do great business in career coaching.

  5. Influential Questions - Try to think all the possible questions before putting your step in the field of Career coaching. It is a great business for those who want to work in the education industry. One should think about all types of aspects for education industry to perform well and get good business from the business of Career coaching.

  6. Work on Client Needs – Every person in the business of Career coaching should start analyzing the need of students and work on it. If the research work is done thoroughly then you can directly approach to your prospective clients. The market scenario of education field keeps changing every year. So if you work as per the present trends then this business can give you the higher amount of returns every year.

  7. Identify Talents - If you are working on this business then try to identify the talents of students. Always try to nurture their potential talents to make strong and grow in their respective fields. If you work on their behaviors, style, thinking pattern and feelings then they can easily get their goals of their lives.

  8. Experiment – One of the best qualities of the career coach is motivated their trainees to try new things, hobby, activities, ideas, and skills. We never know what skill is going to be clicked in their future. It will give them a chance to explore the new field and become an outbox thinker in their lives. These experiments will open up their minds towards the new path and help them to choose the field of their likings.  
Posted by: Vikas Yadav. in General | Date: 07/09/2016

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