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‘Smoke smoke everywhere, no clean air to breathe’….. In this 21st Century, air which we breathe in is polluted by particulate matter, ozone, lead, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide etc. Smoke from exhaust fumes, indiscriminate burning of plastic materials, chimneys etc. have seriously degraded the quality of air we breathe in. To top it all, smokers who smoke cigarettes have added to air pollution. When a person smokes cigarettes, he takes in the smoke (consisting of particle and gaseous phases) and then exhales. This smoke affects the heart as well as lungs, causing diseases like cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even causes heart attacks and strokes.

Dr. Sheetu Singh and Dr. Nishtha Singh have invented a model, which they call ‘Smoker Lung Model’ to demonstrate and point out the detrimental effects of cigarette smoking on smokers.  The former is an Assistant Professor at SMS Hospital and Medical College while the latter is a consultant at Asthma Bhawan.  This model would soon be launched and demonstrated.

The Smoker Lung Model clearly portrays the effects of tobacco smoke on the smoker’s lungs. This model will prove to be a convincing tool for many pulmonologists to convince their patients to quit smoking.  The model comprises one-foot long polypropylene rubber tube, with a central bulb, and one of its ends is connected to cigarette while the other end with a napkin made of cotton.  As soon as the cigarette is lighted, smoke is sucked in by the central bulb and is send to the cotton napkin. A hole forms when the napkin gets burned by the smoke and the napkin turns from white to yellow.

This initiative by the doctors will help the smokers put a check on and quit their smoking habits. Even this model could be used by the education department to spread awareness among the young generation and educate them on the health risks of smoking.

Posted by: Anirban Ron Ghosh. in Science , General | Date: 04/02/2016

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