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No road is too long to the man who advances deliberately and without haste, and no honors are too distant for the man who prepares himself for them with Patience - Bruyere.

To me, this axiom sounds more of a well-proven fact than a florid literary construction appealing to the mind. It is a truth well supported by life instances of many an illustrious figure and personage. I strongly believe this maxim applies to all who have been known in the world as most successful beings, and who are revered in all parts of the world as great personages who stand as beacons of excellence, perfection, and role-models of grit, character, and achievement. Personalities such as Lincoln, Einstein, Addison, Gandhi, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Bose, Tagore, etc.; they all started their thousand mile long success journeys with single, small, short steps. Every day they persevered on that road without giving in to despair, dejection and setbacks. They didn't give up; they didn't discontinue taking small steps that were so essential to reaching the end of the journey they had set their feet on. Their success is an inspiring proof of single, small steps taken over the years can become huge, phenomenal success. Johnson's words support what I am declaiming upon. He has rightly said, "All the performances of human art, at which we look with praise or wonder, are instances of the resistless force of perseverance: it is by this that the quarry becomes a pyramid and those distant countries are united with canals. If a man was to compare the effects of a single stroke of the pickaxe or of one impression of the spade with the general design and last result, he would be overwhelmed by the sense of their disproportion; yet those petty operations, incessantly continued, in time surmount the greatest difficulties, and mountains are leveled and oceans bounded by the slender force of human beings."

We must value the small, meager forces that when multiplied become huge, colossal expression of creation. All the million mile long networks of roads, railways, communication and electrical cables laid across the globe could be possible only in small measures at the beginning. They were laid inch by inch, foot by foot, meter by meter until they became a gigantic, immeasurable network.

So, do apply this formula in building up of your life. I would like to give a golden piece of advice to my fellow students with regards to the application of this formula to achieve success in their academics. Read, study all the texts, information pertaining to your respective subjects, collected word by word over the years will become a huge reservoir of knowledge that will help you face life’s challenges successfully. This knowledge will also make you more creative and innovative which will further be instrumental in making the world a better place. Let’s pledge to make our small steps perfect so that our long journey of life be perfect as a whole.

Posted by: Upender Joshi. in General | Date: 01/08/2016

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