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The quality of our sleep decides whether we are thinking and doing positive things, good for us or we are heading towards negativity. The quality of our sleep depends on the information we feed to our mind throughout the day. The information we feed to our mind through seeing different things, talking about different things with so many people, watching TVs, movies, news, etc. Mobile is the biggest source of distraction to our mind. We tend to see WhatsApp status and each time it changes our mood and emotions. We tend to see the Facebook messages and different kind of emotions emerges from us even if we are unaware to it. Not only this, if we are slightly aware of what we did then we feel guilty of wasting our time on petty things. Thus, unnecessary WhatsApp, Facebook etc. causes a triple loss. Loss of time, loss of calmness of mind, afterwards loss of enthusiasm. We know we can lead the best life if we study good books like The monk who sold his Ferrari, hear Sister Shivani and follow their instructions.

The best check if we sleep properly or not is to see if after sleep we tend to sleep for 10 minutes more. If it so, then our body has slept but our mind has not fallen sleep.

Whatever we do consciously or unconsciously it definitely has an impact on our body and mind. Whatever we think, it has an impact on our body and mind. So, we should definitely remain aware of our thoughts.

There are some tools for it :-

1. Wake up at 03.30 :- This is a must if we really want liberation. It is a must for all yogis who want peace and purity in life. Without this as mentioned by many others, we can’t feel peace. Dr. Girish Patel, Sister Shivani, has told us to wake up in Brahm Muhurta and then start your day.

2. 10 minutes meditation just after wake up :- We should think about our destiny. For me, 1. I am the son of Almighty and i am master almighty. My success in the exam/interview is definite. 2. I will get at least ....... marks in the exam.3. Envision that my roll number is there in list of qualified students and i am getting congratulations from all of my relatives and friends. 4. I will study for at least 8 hours today. 5. I will remain happy throughout the day and will think and do good for all.

3. Exercise for 20 minutes at least :- Do some of the exercises push ups, sit ups etc. Laughter exercise daily is a must.

4. Read good thoughts before going to take bath

5. Chanting of Mantras in Brahma Muhurta :- Do pranayam. Strictly you have to keep mum for these durations. Before start of chanting ask for forgiveness and blessings from all. Ask for forgiveness to all the souls of this world. Also forgive all the souls of this world for whatever they did in this life or in your past life. Chant taking the name of whichever Lord suits you. It will change from religion to religion, person to person. You can coin your own positive phrase or mantra.

. Then chant incessantly and visualize your God. Basically we are focussing mentally on sun and the sun rays are coming to us and removing all our sins and bad thoughts and giving us light. Try your best to not think about anything because you yourself are the creator of the thoughts. Remember this and don’t give excuse to yourself that these thoughts are coming automatically to you. Drink the water after it. Unfold the mat.

6. Keep mum for 4 hours in the morning (Silent retreat). Study till 0830.

7. Chant your positive mantra thrice in each one hour and ask for your success in the exam:- This you can do even when you are talking to someone.

8. Keep asking yourself where I am, what I am doing and what I am thinking at least for 5 times in each hour. This will remove unwanted thoughts and keep you aware of yourself.

9. Wash clothes by yourself in the evening. Don’t waste your precious morning hours. Washing clothes by yourself will bring humility in yourself and also take away your anger.

10. Pranayam in the evening :-. Do Narishodhan Pranayam for 10 rounds, Bhramari pranayam for 5 rounds and Om Chanting for 3 rounds. Laughter exercise for 10 times. Then start chanting your mantra and do this for 21 times.

11. Don’t waste your time in WhatsApp. Remember your each second is precious.

12. Don’t take a nap for more than 20 minutes in the afternoon as mentioned by Dr Girish Patel. While sleep just think this is giving rest to my body and soul. Mentally you can do Jap of positive mantra without counting. Take left turn as mentioned by Rajeev Dixit.

13. Strictly no WhatsApp, Facebook, internet except study purpose and phone seeing after 6 PM and before 10 AM: - The blue light coming from the phone disturbs our quality of sleep. Also the more we see the name of a person and their status we start thinking about that person. All the memories, good or bad, creep in our mind. We start being overwhelmed or we become sad due to our past memories. So, we should try our best to remain aloof from the phone after evening. Also, don’t call the people unnecessarily. They will take you as a granted and you will lose your time, value and reputation.

14. Take dinner by 0830 PM :- Have a walk. Little talks. After 9 AM, keep your phone in silent mode. After a while people would come to know that you sleep by 0930.

15. Go to sleep by 0930 PM :- Start preparation for sleep by 0930 PM. Have a tooth brush. Start chanting mentally that i am a peaceful and concentrated soul. The best quality of chanting mentally. The best sleep you will have. Bow before God and say to Him that i am leaving all problems to you and i know you would solve my all problems. Chant mentally 21 times your positive mantra in sitting position and then lie down. Mentally say to yourself again and again that “Main ek mahan aatma hun “.Say it and count it for 108 times, if you are not getting sleep. Before it say that i am all healthy and envision yourself how you would like to be physically. Then chant it and continue it with full emotions till you fall asleep.

16. Remember :- Every time you first analyse what kind of information you are putting in your brain and while you come to sleep, start putting the best information. Initially these all may look bullshit but ultimately it will help you a lot and you will be quite transformed physically, mentally and spiritually in 6 months.

17. Charging of food and water :- This is a must for all. Say mentally before having food “ Main ek pavitra aur ekagrachit atma hun. Main kam, krodh, alasya and jyada bolne ke vikaron se puri tarah se mukt hun. “say this for 21 times before having food.. While having food say mentally all good things about yourself and say what you are in future. Chant seven time the same before having water. At least 5 time you must do it in whole day. This will have a tremendous effect in life and you would realize it after 21 days.

18. Purpose of life :- Our purpose of life is to gain blessings from people. Each and every people, even from the enemy, even from the most notorious person. The technique we know is the game of thought. Send positive vibrations to the people, gain positive vibration from them. We have to seek liberation like Swami Vivekanad, Mahatma Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi.. Our aim is to remain equal for all, impartial to all. The quality of our sleep will tell whether we have inherited all these good qualities or not.

19. Association with good people will help you to be inspired always.

20. Love all, even your enemies. Every time think they are the noble soul. After some days, enmity with him/her will vanish. It will also make you light throughout the day.

21. Punchlines :-
· See every person every day as a new person. Forget their past misdeeds.
· Don’t brood over problems. See the solution. Don’t discuss much about the problems.
· Don’t see the bad qualities of others. See their good qualities.
· No backbiting of others.
· Don’t be afraid of anybody, anything in life.
· Face the problems with full enthusiasm.
· Purity can only give you happiness. Impurity in thoughts and deeds for one time will snatch your toil of so many days.
· Smile and your affectionate behaviour will never land you into quarrel with anyone. Even though you don’t feel good about others. Don’t say it before them. Gradually you will see changes in yourself. Your outward behaviour gives effect to inward behaviour.
· Forgive people. Forgiveness means you don’t have any of the negative feelings about them even for a second in your mind. You don’t backbite about them. Even you don’t discuss about them and if someone discuss about them, you ignore them. Start forgiving people for small mistakes. Later you would be able to forgive them for grave mistakes. However, lovingly you must put your words before people even if you disagree them. Don’t be too much stubborn and too much flexible.
· You are the creator of your thoughts, emotions and feelings and no one else. So don’t blame others for happiness or unhappiness. Also, you are not responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others.

I have tried to give a glimpse of what all i have learned and practice partially. I hope this would be quite helpful to some of the students who are wasting their precious time and energy in jealousy, backbiting, always complaining about persons or things, giving excuses to themselves and sleeping for most of the time. I was quite unaware while i was a student that spirituality helps even while studies also. I think you will start getting awesome experience if you start practicing a few or all of the ideas to live happy. I know some of the students would be laughing while going through all this. I may only say that the newness is them will be realized in a week if they practice just few of these ideas. Love you all. May you get all successes and happiness in life.

Posted by: Ashish Kumar. in General | Date: 07/07/2016

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