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Here, I would like to take examples of two Indian brands which have done reasonably well in their respective categories.

Marketing Campaigns-Flipkart

Started with a humble beginning with books, Flipkart now showcases a plethora of products on its website from electronic appliances to fashion accessories. It has successfully tried to become the Indian Amazon. Flipkart being the first mover in the e-commerce category in India had to face the obstacles and the wariness of Indian consumers. In order to achieve success, it needed to grow the category itself and mature the market. The very start of Flipkart with books gave it a head start in the race. Though the company might have earned lower margins or even negative margins in books but this definitely gave consumers a chance to test the online model and build trust in the brand. After books, Flipkart has shifted focus from low-margin products such as books to high margin products such as electronic items.

All the marketing campaigns used by Flipkart tend to boil down to one central idea, i.e. greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. It started its TVC as Don’t shop, Flipkart it; No kidding, no worries.

The TVC Flipkart: Shopping ka naya address created a huge buzz in the Indian audience by hitting on the three generations portrayed beautifully in the ad. The characters of the TVC being kids have given a fresh perspective and have had a greater recall value too. The concept of “kids as adults” did wonders to the whole campaign and gained much publicity for the brand. The objective of this TVC was to increase the consumer base of online shopping. Its target audience is two-folded; one living in a metro, which doesn’t have time to go and buy goods. So, opts for hassle free online shopping. Other being the small town audience, which doesn’t have access to all the items they need. Flipkart aims to satisfy both the customer segments.

After the above-said campaign, Flipkart came up with another TVC India wants to know which again portrays “kids as adults” which takes a cue from Arnab Goswami’s famous TV Debate. The ad has the tagline “ab sirf shopping nahi Flipkart karo” which tries to symbolize Flipkart as the new name for online shopping. This is the same as what Surf, Xerox, Nirma, Google have done in their category segments. The aim is to popularize the brand Flipkart so as to make it as much generic and to be used as a verb for online shopping. Though a good attempt, Flipkart has a long way to go in this regard.

Service Marketing-Airtel

What is that which differentiates between a services communication and a product communication? When a communication is made for the promotion of a product, physical evidence is used to add abstract ideas whereas in services communication is made, abstract ideas have to be converted to physical evidence in order to make effective communication. Airtel does the same. In a services industry like telecom, people live a brand 24*7. It’s all about the customer experience and real time delivery of the services.

The TVCs used by Airtel are high on music and imagery, which generally have a strong underlying theme of “Indianness”. This makes Airtel stand out of the league. Every ad seeks to have an emotional connect with the audience. The “Proud to be an Indian” ad was a huge success in terms of establishing the brand. The man responsible for the most recallable music in telecom service industry is the Oscar winner music director, A.R. Rahman. The country's largest mobile operator, Airtel has had numerous campaigns in the past 4-5 years — which includes Rs 300-crore rebranding with the new logo and signature tune.Moreover, sponsoring two huge reality shows: Kaun Banega Crorepati and Indian Idol bought the much-needed fame to the brand. The change in the tag lines of Airtel over the years shows the dynamic nature of the brand. Some of its campaigns are:

Power to Keep in Touch: This was the first campaign used by Airtel to signify the power in the hands of users to be in touch as the mobile phones were too costly to afford in those times. The positioning of the brand was as a premium brand for the elite class. It took sponsorship of sports like Golf in order to synchronize with the premium image it had.
Touch Tomorrow: This campaign signified the shift of premium brand of Airtel to more of a mass brand because of its expansion and so was the need for change in the logo.

Live Every Moment: Airtel beautifully came up with musical advertisements signifying that every person in India lives every second and Airtel helps to do that in its true sense.

Express Yourself: The clarity in the message is such that it makes an instant connect with the audience. Airtel being a telecom service provider, by this tagline, encourages people to talk more. A very touching ad for this message is of two boys, eager to play. This ad depicts that: There is no war or barrier that can keep us apart; we just need to talk to each other. Airtel ads have a lasting impact on the audience because of the reinvention of the content displayed in the ads. The campaign “Barriers Break When People Talk” won accolades by posing different celebrities like Vidya Balan and R. Madhavan, or be it the soldier 3G ad.

Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai: This is the TVC which created a lot of buzz, though it is perceived to be less than that of Zoozoo and “What an Idea Sirji”. The TVC features the unique idea of banging on the desks. This was to emphasize the core message about each friend being important. The campaign reinforces the value of human relationships, which is the core message what Airtel likes to convey. To have an “Indianism” touch to the ad, lyrics have to be bindass in totality.

Seerat Jangda
IIM- Lucknow


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Posted by: Seerat Jangda. in General | Date: 04/02/2016

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