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India is a developing country and has made its presence felt among the strongest nations on the global front but when the question comes of electricity crisis, the country is fighting with its own internal problems and policies. With the deepening energy crisis, harnessing of non conventional sources of energy has become top priority of the government. With Modi government in power a lot of emphasis is being laid on renewables especially Solar energy. This has opened the door for students, researchers and academicians to look for new career options in the concerned sector. In India, Currently Solar photovoltaic and Wind Energy Market are the most successful sector and therefore high demand is being created for trained and skilled manpower in the industry. According to a report jointly commissioned by environmental group Greenpeace, the Global Wind Energy Council and the Renewable Energy Council “Indian Renewable Energy sector will create 2.4 million jobs by 2020”Acc. to India Energy revolution report Currently the sector employs 200000 people but this can jump by 14 times by 2030.

Students with interest in Energy and environment can opt for different postgraduate courses like M. Tech. And MBA in Power Management, oil and gas Management, Environmental Engineering, Business Sustainability and Energy Trading. Academicians and researches are the most benefitted person as government is providing high support in the form of Grants and scholarships to pump more and more high quality improved research in the sector. Few colleges which provide the degree in the concerned field are UPES, Dehradun, TERI University, RGIPT, NPTI, AMITY Institute of Renewable Energy.

By 2050 about 92 percent of Indian energy infrastructure will be based on renewable energy sources. Renewables such as wind, solar thermal energy and solar photovoltaic will comprise 74 percent of electricity generation. (The Energy collective, GWEC). Renewable Energy as a career destination is like a bird that will lay golden Eggs in the future.

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