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AIPMT is such a competitive exam which needs long terms planning and guidance. Cracking the exam does not depend solely on skill and merit, but also need awareness and proper mentoring at the right time. Information gap may jeopardize the end result of the examination. Regular clearing of doubt, answering MCQ, and a thorough revision (chapter wise) is the must. As the board exam is based on only class 12, so for an AIPMT aspirant it is important to take care both the class 12th and 11th syllabus with equal importance. Like other various medical entrance, AIPMT too has the three major sections: physics, chemistry, and Biology. The three sections are equally tough and demand an adequate level of knowledge and concept in these three subjects from the aspirant. Therefore, aspirants need to under thorough reading, practice mock test. Mostly in my Last 14 years teaching experience, I have noticed I have noticed that physics is one subject where mostly the student’s face problem .Though biology demands maximum stress due to high marks allocation, but still physics and chemistry also need the proper attention for achieving the good total score. My suggestion to the aspirant who is taking a coaching from either coaching center or from private tuition needs to be focused on the following areas:  #Current electricity, electrostatics, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, oscillation and waves, laws of motion, work power energy, friction and rotational motion, thermodynamic and hydrostatics. I may be wrong but somehow majority of the student aspiring for the medical are weak in physics compare to the other 2 subjects.# They are a bit uncomfortable with the physics compare to their engineering entrants. During the long terms planning, I would suggest giving thrust on thermodynamics and heat where mostly the problems are easy and come on P-Y graph. They should focus on the problems from each chapter that are mainly formula based/. Long term coaching not only gives an idea to handle how to manage multiple types of questions but simultaneously. # Coaching Institute helps to guide certain unexpected exam disturbances. Beside regular mock test, coaching center helps to guide the important chapters as per the degree ascending order or toughness. My suggestion is to go through the NCERT textbook thoroughly and address the exercise questions. Beside notes delivered by the coaching institute / study material need to undergo thoroughly. Long terms coaching also needed to understand the competition. This facilitates an aspirant to undergo a peer review. As in competitive examination, it is always important to know how much you are ahead compared to your competitors rather than how many marks you have got in any particular examination. # needs to be careful about the negative marking process and restrained from making any wild goose chase. Beside mock test, it is important to solve the previous year paper and prepare different charts while studying. #Stunited allows you the scope to get accustomed and share feedback with the various teacher from different coaching Institute. This is essential for chemistry and biology where the too many things an aspirant has to remember. Coaching center helps to guide on how to prepare all such things. # is a unique website that gives you comprehensive information set about the suitable coaching center that present in your locality.

Posted by: Partha Sarathi Sarkar. in Exam Preparation , Test preparation , General | Date: 09/04/2016

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