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You may recall the study, observations, religious groups, missions, and people behavior in olden days. They are much sincere and punctual in any kind of religious rituals such as preaching, sermons, group discussions regardless of any sector of the society, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or Buddhism, Jainism and so on. Directly or indirectly they get a feel of soul soothing satisfaction, serenity and unexplained spiritual peace of mind and healthy body. These tendencies perhaps made them live a stronger, wiser and longer in their span of life irrespective of educated or illiterate.

In current era, several surveys and studies providing hard evidence that religion is slowly fading out and losing its grip in the existing generations and it may go down further, particularly in the developed countries America and Europe whom other countries blindly follow. America may be forced to change the slogan in near future in their currency US Dollar as in inscribed " WE TRUST IN GOD" to something different.The report about God across Time and Countries from Chicago with surveyed date of 30 countries years back to 1991, and many news and articles are showing that survey figures  of over all religions belief percentage are considerably declining day-by-day. Nonetheless, a conceptional tendency that still persists with religion faith is probably growing in oldies.Secondly, The American Bible Society statistics that Americans are losing interest in the Bible. What's happening here? Survey results show a big deal of variations on the basis of age, geography variant trends. Nevertheless, the results elucidate some interesting features to justify as simple as bad behaviors such as hippodrome, the outlandish assertion by those who claim most publicly and pride to be strict religious followers or say, disciples. This category fails to shine due to child abuse scandals, discreet support of bullying, neglecting women rights, sideline support for battles, pushing religion in the guise of Science and Ethics in class rooms, donated funds are violated to personal gains and mis-use of traditional rituals.

These atrocities by the custodian of religions pushed the reputation of religions further down. The behaviors in the name of religion are not limited to one country. We have been witnessing it become world phenomenon from all adherent of world's major religions. In many cases, bad criminal and political behaviors from the aligned with religious groups are factors that deviate and drives out the people to ignore the religions.

Posted by: Ss Basha. in General | Date: 12/03/2016

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