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Prehistory of Nature

  • The History about Natural wonders and beauties can be seen in India verbally in Vedas, Epics, Puranas the VARNA were being illustrated so literally by writings, paintings, sculptures in temples, Ajanta, Ellora, Mahabalipuram and the heritage infrastructures of various dynasties ruled India.
  • In evidences of above said resources Earth, this planet was imbibed with natural blessings having contained therein the following:
  • Ozone layer well intact to protect iving creatures in this earth from any harmful rays from the scorchy sun or any other planets emissions revolving around the galaxy,
  • The blue sky cuddled with gliding cold clouds in summer and warm clouds during winter but always with water contents.
  • Green lush of vegetation blessed with crops, fruits, juices, nectar, tasty nuts and soft grass meadows.
  • Budding and flowering shrub fragrance. Human could have felt eye-catching colorful flower beaming at them and talking to them.
  • Overhung fruitful trees and gardens in every corner of this planet. Naturally honored jungles, jetties.
  • Chirping songs of bird flocks in dush and the dawn.
  • Panoramic mountainous scenarios, caves, may be in the shades of blue, green, red, brown and so on and abundance with natural wealth.
  • Streaming and flowing of pure and life-giving water every parameter of the land. It could have been fondly splashed to human feets.


Dwindling causes of Nature

  • Now the question is, where all the abundance of fauna and flora has gone, which were enjoyed and inspired to our forefathers ?? who could be responsible for the destruction being done to the nature ??
  • Biased landscapes
  • Dwindling water table
  • Disappearing worthy vegetation
  • Drying out life-giving river beds,
  • Scorchy and harmful summer heat.
  • Mutilated mansions.
  • Earthquakes, Tsunami, Pollutions
  • Remedies and Responsibilities
  • No doubts, all are man triggered, he, who is fully responsible for depleting of natural resources.
  • What is the remedy then ? to control and keep optimizing this nature for the upcoming generations ?
  • First and foremost stop deforestation, minimise urbanization, cultivate agriculture utilizing modern techniques to limitation, control pollution using all possible ways and methods as may be applicable.
  • As someone said that any human should at least plant one tree before his death. 
  • Now how many of us are ready to strive to bring back the nature to its normalcy to avoid any more extinct of fauna and flora for the survival of the next generation !!!???
Posted by: Ss Basha. in Science | Date: 24/02/2016

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