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The days are changed from our time. You people are so lucky that along with your parents and school teachers, we all do very hard work for you. The whole team of is in search of ways & means to improve your awareness and performance. This article is aiming to build your attitude towards Math, which would be a support for other science and engineering subjects tomorrow. I will also recommend you to see other audiovisual programs of and search any opportunity.

I would like to explain you about an ideal approach towards learning of Mathematics, if you are a kind of average students.

Start right from today, what I say and come back to me after a month:

1. Take 45 minutes from your regular home-study period, open 1st page of Math book and start reading carefully, read word by word – pause & think – understand & again continue non-stop till the topic is over and you have internalized the meaning, examples, solving techniques, etc:
   - This kind of self-study is also a meditation practice. Do it sincerely and silently without looking around, even under any disturbing circumstances. It would improve your concentrating power.
   - Try to increase your speed of reading without losing a single word to understand
   - Do it every day at the same time and same way; keep on doing for one month.

2. Another 45 minutes well after your Dinner, which would be possibly an extra time to devote for practicing math right from 1st exercise of your book:
   - Assuming you have already gone through the related text including all examples and illustrations during above time mentioned in para – 1.
   - Each question is to be answered in same style as shown in examples.
   - Do not skip a single question

3. Before going to bed wash your hands upto elbow, legs upto knee and face; get it dried by using towel and take water. Before sleep close your eyes, develop a feeling of respect to yourself and say silently that you have enjoyed it and promise to continue the same next day.

4. Five days before end of the month, guess your satisfaction measurement in 10 point scale. 

Posted by: A K Nandi. in Maths , Exam Preparation | Date: 03/02/2016

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