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I would like to throw some light on few of the inventions and discoveries that have been done in past before I discuss the actual topic. 

Knowledge is not something which came bydefault, right from the day frst human being came on this Earth till today knowledge is been accumaleted and developed over the years be it any field, area or topic. In the good olden days, people used to think if a ship keeps on movin after reaching the horizon it would fall because they thought the Earth is flat, in the shape of a plate. But later they discovered that earth is round then they finally concluded saying Earth is in Geoid shape with bit flat at poles and bulged at the centre.

This is how the things with knowledge works,we know something initially with the help of this knowledge we imagine something, put a lot thoughts on that idea, work on it over the months or years which might results in a new invention or discovery and that becomes a new knowledge. Its a chicken first or egg first puzzle when it comes to the decision of which is more important, Knowledge or Imagination because they are inter-dependent and one contribute, at least partially, to the other. Without prior knowledge we cant Imagine and without imagination we cant find expand our knowledge. First we thought the earth was flat without this knowledge we couldn't have ended up with saying the earth is round. When the ship is coming towards the shore one can see the top most part of its chimney first then the chimney and then the whole ship these observations made them to imagine and conclude saying Earth is spericle. Later Europe with the help of the pictures sent by their Apollo satelite discovered that actually the earth is in geoid shape.

Similar is the case with heloi-centric theory, we initially we thought Earth is at the centre and all other celestial objects move around it but later it's discovered that Earth is just a small rock moving around the Star, like a small droplet of water exists in ocean, in this universe. Our Indian mathematician Aryabhata invented 0 (zero) which is not an obvious or simple thing. If I have a mobile I can show it, I can count it and I can describe it because there is a number associated with it. But in case of 0 its very complicated, I have to explain something which doesn't exists that to without knowing where it is and what it is? Just think what kind of imaginations and thought process he might have undergone to imagine that 0 and to teach it to the world.

Imagination can make you to experience the whole world in your mind. It gives the ability to look at any situation from any point of view and to mentally explore the past and future. Darwin wrote very fundamental laws of evolution, He was able to explain the state of Human Beings millions of years ago in his theories. Maybe this is the reason Einstein said "It's the Imagination which is more important than knowledge" And He also quotes "logic takes you from x to y but imagination takes from x to anywhere"

One more thing is, In South India there is a tradition, during marriages, after the knot is tied the couples were taken out and shown a twin star in the polar bear constellation called Arundati Vasista even if it is day they show this, funny tradition right...?. But actual thing is Arundati Vasista is a very rare and typical twin star. Normally, how a twin star model exists is, one star is at centre and other star revolves around it just like our Earth and Moon this is really not how a husband and awife should not be (atelast not for first two years after marriage). The peculiriaty of Arundati vasista is both the star revolve around each other under their own gravitational influence on the same axis just like two people going round in circle. Isn't discovering these things and implementing them in our life events is an extremely difficult task to achieve?

So most of the great advances in this world have come about not from logic or reason but from 'Eureka' moments, like apple falling on Newtons head. Its just you have to train your mind to be ready to recieve that imaginal field to access that moment and make it a big thing. What if Bill Gates wouldn't have imagined of writing program which could house all other programs, communicates with hardware and helps all programs access the required resources, today we wouldn't be having windows. Isn't the scientific and artistic insights both originate from imaginative consciousness...? and we have seen a group of people in this world who contributed so much to existing knowledge we have and achieved greatest heights because they had a very high imaginative consciousness and were successflly able tune it in a right direction. Is there a way anyone who wishes to possess this kind of a knowledge, develop or enhance their imagination power should do...? One smple thing is read more and more books. But how reading books will help in this regard...? suppose if I give a deaf who has not learnt any words in his life a book to read, do you guys think he would be able to read and understand the content of the book..? No, right..? because since his birth he hasn't heard any words and he hasn't learnt any word and when he read a book he will be able to see them but they wont make any sense to him just like it will happen to us also if we read chinese book.

Our brain has billions of neurons which are responsible for learning and remembering things. As a child when my mom showed me a pencil and said "this is a pencil" I hear the word "pencil" and that information for which I should call pencil going forward gets stored in my brain the form a neuron. So next when I read the word pencil the neuron which stored that information gets activated and I would be able to imagine the pencil in my mind which would help me understand that I read the word pencil. In case of deaf person which I just told he never heard the word pencil, there is no neuron which could help him imagine pencil when he reads it. We learn many words since our childhood which are taught to us by our mother by making actions that is the very basic vocabulary we learn without learning other words are impossible. That is why Mother is considered as the first teacher.

During reading a lot of neurons will be getting activated and passes electrical messages amongst them in our brain, the network ranged from areas that govern visual processing to other areas related to attention and executive processes. "They're all working together to create that image which would help us to understand things and this process is nothing but Imagination. That is why the more and more we read the more our Imagination power and consciosness increases. Through reading, you expose yourself to new things, new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve one thing. When you are reading a book you put yourself into a new world the author has created for you and you will live the experiences and imagiination of the author. That could hasten your rate of achiving your goals because you will get to learn from others mistakes. Our life span is too short to make all mistakes and learn from, but we definitely have an option to learn from others mistakes and books are one of the way to do. No doubt this would surely help us to take right decisions.

As you cultivate the habit of reading and you start reflecting on what you read, you will start forming your own thoughts and values. It will challenge your mind and the thoughts, customs and traditions that you have grown up with. When you come across a new idea or a different opinion, think upon it deeply. Don't accept it or reject it blindly. Try to reason with it and understand it. Who knows – which is that one book in which you might find your hobby, carrer you are interested, Ultimately may find yourself and get hold of that "Eureka" movement and come up with your own invention or discovery which might help the wolrd.Reading will help you understand yourself better. I wish to reach majestic first thing I have to know is "where" I am currently, if I dont know my source I will never reach the destination I want to go so understanding the self is very important to achieve anything you want. Books not only help you understand self also help you find the goals you want to achieve and in achieving your goals as well.

If not a scientist atleast you will lead a good life if you have a habbit of reading books. A happy life because it will help you how to think from different angles and help you understand the situations the way it is. You know when we were child our mother used to take us to park in the evening and would allow us play while she start talking with her friends. We initially feel very reluctant to speak and befreind with the other children in the park but after sometime we somehow manage to make friends with them and its after that moment we actually start enjoying the play in the park but our mom drag us to home back becuase it would start getting dark but we get very angry on her and starts crying becasue we dont understand that she is doing that for our good sake only. Every now then God will be putting us in these kind of situations by the time settle in that environment he pull out and push into a new one. As a child getting angry on our mom and feeling sad is okay but really not acceptable to get angry on god or feel bad as grown up when we face bad situations. This might happen when we dont know how to understand the situation, no institutions wlll teach this, theyhave to be learnt by reading good books and communicating with good people.

You will find solution for every problem in books, infact you can even avoid getting into problems if you have a habbit of reading books. It is believed that its better to possess knowledge rather money because money can be stolen by anybody anytime but knowledge cannot be stolen it will always stay with us, right..? actully knowledge can also be stolen and it is stolen only by lazyness so never be lazy becasue a lazy man will loose both money and knowledge. Please make use of them spend atleast half an hour or one hour a day on reading, try to complete one book in a month yo will really feel the difference in yourself.

Posted by: Ranganath. in Exam Preparation , English , Test preparation | Date: 04/02/2016

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